The Future of Airport Security...

Posted on January 29, 2016 by Guy Paquette

It’s been a while since the TSA rolled out those controversial full-body scanners. But officials have been quietly testing out new technology that could change how we fly.

One study has reported that by 2023, airports could spend over $12 billion on security technology, up from $8 billion last year.

At Cleveland Hopkins airport, they recently tested a system to detect people who try to bypass security to get to the gate.

Usually, it’s up to security officials to spot these so-called “gateskippers,” which could end in an airport lockdown. But with this new video system, they can detect these people before they reach a secure area.

Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory developed a new technology called MagRay that examines liquids in carry-on bags. The idea is to identify potentially harmful liquids from safe ones, even if they appear identical to the naked eye.

While it’s not exactly new, more airports around the country are now installing the CLEAR system, which uses fingerprinting and iris scanners to help expedite the security process.

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