"We Care" - Our Commitment

Since 1985 we have been committed to our community and have dedicated many days, hours and years at being socially responsible and civic minded.

Some examples of what we do and who we are:

·        Since about 2003 our charity of choice has been Almost Home.

·        We pledge our support to Breast Cancer Research (Canada) or Breast Cancer.org (U.S.) to Thyroid Cancer Research and Diabetes Research.

·        We have supported countless charities and sports associations that support lower income and single parent families.

·        In 2010 we converted all of our lighting to earth friendly, energy efficient fixtures.

·        In 2008 our larger shopping bags were changed over to a bio-degradable product.


Though the above list goes on and on; we believe that everybody, when possible, should take time in their lives to support special causes. Many charities need volunteers and support. Find a charity in your community and commit to making someone else’s day a better one – it will make your day a better one also.