Vinni Bag™
Vinni Bag™ Vinni Bag™ Vinni Bag™

Vinni Bag™

Superior Protection Against Impact & Leakage:Versatile Travel bag for Wine, Other Liquids, & Fragile Items

  • Suspends Item(s) in an Inflatable Air Cushion
  • Internal Open Architecture Accommodates Many Shapes & Sizes
  • Air Chambers Conform to the Contents (even several smaller items)
  • Isolates & Immobilizes the Contents During Transport
  • Safeguards Fragile Items & Their Surroundings
  • Engineered to Withstand Significant Fluctuations in Altitude & Temperature
  • Made in the USA integrity

VinniBag was engineered specifically to withstand air travel and high altitudes. The design and materials allow for significant changes in air pressure and temperatures. Sophisticated testing was done at an independent test lab using altitude chambers that surpass normal conditions in aircraft cargo holds.VinniBag can also handle some pretty tough temperatures. The important part is to load, inflate & deflate VinniBag in normal temperatures for proper performance.

The air chambers were designed to provide optimum cushioning against impact, and to immobilize the contents during transport. Ideal as a wine travel bag, the product is also a versatile travel bag for many different items.

Designed to optimally protect standard 750 ml wine bottles, VinniBag can accommodate many other types of bottles including champagne, olive oil, and certain distilled spirits.

Because of the open architecture of the inner chamber, this travel system can be used for many different types of items, or several smaller items together. Contents are isolated, immobilized and cushioned by the air chambers, and sealed with a specially designed closure. Great for liqueurs, perfume, shampoo, grandma’s preserves, or a delicate vase. Not sure it would do much for the flowers.


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